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Seth Greenland

Seth Greenland

Seth Greenland is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and author of five novels, including Shining City (a Washington Post Best Book of the Year) and The Hazards of Good Fortune (nominated for the 2019 Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger). Born in New York City, Greenland lives in Los Angeles with his wife.


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Latest reviews

  • A Kingdom of Tender Colors is [an] apologetic yet eager memoir that brings a charming humor to a subject that is nothing if not dire [ . . . ] Greenland holds nothing back, including his feelings of inadequacy and incredulity.”
    — Alta Online, Oct 26 2020
  • “Intelligent, self-aware, and resistant to easy answers, A Kingdom of Tender Colors defies any expectation of being a cancer survival guide. Instead, more radically, it is a book about finding a way of being.”
    — Los Angeles Review of Books, Sep 19 2020
  • “Readers may come for the screenwriter/novelist’s cancer story, but they’ll stay for his gifts as a raconteur.”
    — Shelf Awareness, Aug 18 2020
  • “[Greenland] provides genial, engaging, humorous company throughout the narrative, showing how one can gain a new appreciation for life at its most mundane as well as miraculous.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Jul 14 2020
  • "Greenland’s main strength, beyond superb characterization, is his ability to weave different narrative threads together in order to maintain maximum tension and forward momentum.”
    — The Los Angeles Review of Books, Jan 1 2019
  • “A big and ambitious novel set in New York.”
    — TripFiction, Sep 14 2018
  • “With a brilliant eye for character, Greenland creates a story that mixes biting humor with uncomfortable truth.”
    — My Jewish Books, Aug 1 2018
  • “Greenland is an excellent storyteller and makes his tale of selfish opportunists memorable and provocative.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Jul 25 2018
  • “Greenland takes a Dickensian delight in letting the plot sprawl with parallels, digressions, false leads, and twists...”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Jun 18 2018
  • Modern love is nothing simple, as is illustrated in I Regret Everything, the story of an over-thirty Manhattan lawyer who nurtures a secret poetry career and sadness over how his life has evolved. When he's introduced to his boss's teen daughter, Spaulding, the two hit it off...
    — May 22 2015
  • I am woefully late with this review. I finished reading it quite a while ago and am having to write this review from what lingers, more than a month later. The novel alternates between Jeremy Best, a trusts and estates attorney who writes poetry under a pen name, and Spaulding...
    — May 14 2015
  • Jeremy Best is a Manhattan-based trusts and estates lawyer but is also a published poet under the name Jinx Bell. He likes his job and those around him, but life has been tough lately. When his boss’s daughter, Spaulding Simonson, comes strolling into his office one day, things...
    — Mar 23 2015
  • In I Regret Everything by Seth Greenland we are introduced to Jeremy Best who is a wills and trusts lawyer with a bit of a secret life. He’s a poet who goes by the name of Jinx Bell and while he has been published in some literary journals he’s never become renowned for...
    — Mar 23 2015
  • Q&A: Seth Greenland navigates writing maze of novels, radio, stage and TV Seth Greenland talks about his new novel and exploiting life for his art: 'I try to be a nose-to-tail writer, you know?' If you graphed Seth Greenland's writing career, it would look like an...
    — Mar 20 2015
  • — Mar 10 2015
  • Moira Macdonald on I Regret Everything Sweeter for Its Shadows: A Bookish Love Affair from Seth Greenland AND THEY MEET, right there on the fourth page; you can almost see the light behind her. He’s a trusts and estates attorney with a sideline in poetry; she’s...
    — Mar 7 2015
  • Jeremy Best is a 33-year-old trusts-and-estates lawyer in New York, on his way to making partner. His staid career choice doesn’t broadcast “courage and a love of danger,” but he has a secret life as a poet, publishing pseudonymously in distinguished literary journals.
    — Feb 25 2015
  • The Angry Buddhist is a mainstream novel by Seth Greenland that will also appeal to many fans of Buddhist fiction. The story revolves around three brothers: Randall Duke is an incumbent Congressman who fakes holding some pretty fundamentalist Christian values to try and win...
    — Dec 4 2012
  • The cover of my copy of Seth Greenland’s new book The Angry Buddhist shows a dreamy Southern California landscape with palms, a red-tiled roof, a desert mountain, and a swath of blue sky. Hovering in the sky is a quote from Curb Your Enthusiasm ’s Larry David: “...
    — Nov 19 2012
  • Alison Powell on The Angry Buddhist. Midnight at the Oasis: Murder and Politics in the Inland Empire THE SMALL, DRY TOWNS that lead eastward from Los Angeles to Indio, across the lap of California, form an island chain in a sea of sand, each with its own biome...
    — Jun 9 2012

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