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Jean-Denis Bruet-Ferreol, who writes under the pseudonym Mallock, was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1951. He is not only an author, but also a painter, photographer, designer, inventor, artistic director, and composer. Since 2000, he has dedicated himself to digital painting and crime novels.

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  • — Jul 13 2015
  • The Cemetery of Swallows is a recent addition to Europa Editions’ excellent World Noir imprint, which, as you may guess from its name, features the best in international crime fiction. Its author, Jean-Denis Bruet-Ferreol, is not only an author, but also a painter, photographer,...
    — Jul 7 2014
  • Mallock is the enigmatic pseudonym adopted by a French photographer for his crime novels, and also the name of his protagonist, a pragmatic and clear-minded cop still marked by the death of his own son, who is obliged to travel to the Dominican Republic to investigate a curious...
    — Jun 12 2014
  • Written by Mallock, translated by Steven Rendall — Don’t you just love novels which begin with a nearly impossible set-up… and somehow find a way of resolving it? Set-ups don’t get much more implausible than this. Manuel Gemoni, a fairly well-adjusted young Frenchman...
    — May 19 2014
  • Book Review: The Cemetery of Swallows By Steve Donoghue The author of the fantastic The Cemetery of Swallows, latest volume in Europa’s “World Noir” series, is an artist and murder mystery author...
    — Apr 15 2014
  • Review: The Cemetery of Swallows by Mallock, Translated by Steven Rendall Europa Editions | April 1, 2014 | Reviewed by Elena Overvold Mallock’s The Cemetery of Swallows, translated from the French by...
    — Apr 15 2014
  • The addictive mystery in The Cemetery of Swallows has nothing to do with who committed the murder. Manuel Gemoni is a devoted father and husband, a man so gentle and centered he was nicknamed "Little Gandhi" as a boy. But with no warning, he leaves his wife and daughter...
    — Apr 15 2014
  • Spring crime reading: World Noir series   Spring has sprung here in Wales, and we’ve already had a few sunny days to reacquaint ourselves with the pleasures of reading outside in the garden, park, or by the sea. Bliss.
    — Apr 14 2014
  • Rating 5-Stars “A Real Page Turner!” Superintendent of Police, Amedee Mallock has turned his office into Fort Mallock. He has five assistants, which he calls his fingers: Thumb, Little Finger, Index Finger, Ring Finger, and Middle Finger. He will need his whole...
    — Jan 30 2014


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