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Su Bristow

Su Bristow

Su Bristow won the Exeter Novel Prize for Sealskin in 2013. A consultant medical herbalist by day, she is also the author of several short stories, as well as two books on herbal medicine and the co-author of two on relationship skills.

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Latest reviews


    “Lose yourself in this magical literary fantasy grounded with real-life wisdom.”

    — Historical Novels Review, May 3 2024
  • “[Bristow] has written a grand novel here, and readers will fall into it for days.”
    — Locus Magazine, Mar 1 2024
  • “This is a book to be savored, not rushed through and I feel that it will only improve upon a second or third reading.”
    — GeekMom, Jan 31 2024
  • “Lovers of classic folktales will appreciate this.”

    — Publishers Weekly, Jan 3 2024
  • “Twining classic fairy lore with a modern story of an aching girlhood and first love, The Fair Folk is an enthralling novel filled with breathtaking revelations.”
    — Foreword Reviews, Jan 1 2024
  • “An enthralling novel filled with breathtaking revelations.”

    — Foreword Reviews, Nov 21 2023
  • “A Faustian, modern-day fairy tale in which the ‘be careful what you wish for’ trope is updated with a tender bildungsroman.”
    — Booklist, Nov 6 2023
  • “The wonders of nature are exquisitely sketched in this cautionary tale about the danger of striking bargains with spirits.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Oct 21 2023
  • “Lyric and captivating, the story flows rapidly and with unceasing appeal ... all crafted with skill that seems invisible but works its magic constantly, keeping the reader enraptured.”
    — Reading the West, Sep 27 2023


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