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Andrea Marcolongo

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Andrea Marcolongo

Andrea Marcolongo is an Italian journalist, writer, Classics scholar, and former speech writer for Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The Ingenious Language was a bestseller in Italy and in many of the other dozen countries in which it has been published thus far. She is also the author of The Heroic Measure.

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Latest reviews

  • “Andrea Marcolongo has brought [the Aeneid] back into the conversation and outside the confines of academia... An excellent translation by Will Schutt brilliantly serves [her] passionate endorsement of a work of literature written two millennia ago.”
    — Reading in Translation, Jun 14 2022
  • “ well as making a convincing case for its singularly expressive power, [Andrea Marcolongo] shows how languages give us new ways of seeing and understanding the world.” Read the full review in The Guardian
    — The Guardian, Nov 7 2019
  • “Andrea Marcolongo’s love of Ancient Greek is infectious in this brilliant meditation on language and life.” Read the full article in Bookriot
    — Bookriot, Oct 24 2019
  • "The Ingenious Language has the potential to change your sense of reality.” Read the full article in Refinery29
    — Refinery29, Oct 8 2019
  • “Anyone who values the study of language will delight in this spirited defense of the effort being worth the reward.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Sep 10 2019


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