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Valérie Perrin

Photo © Valentin Lauvergne

Valérie Perrin

Valérie Perrin was born in 1967 in Remiremont, in the Vosges Mountains, France. She grew up in Burgundy and settled in Paris in 1986. Her novel The Forgotten Sunday (2015) won the Booksellers Choice Award and the paperback edition has been long-selling best-seller since publication. Her English-language debut, Fresh Water for Flowers (Europa, 2020) won the Maison de la Presse Prize, the Paperback Readers Prize, and was named a 2020 ABA Indies Introduce and Indie Next List title. It has been translated into over thirty languages. Figaro Littéraire named Perrin one of the ten best-selling authors in France in 2019, and in Italy, Fresh Water for Flowers was the best selling book of 2020. Perrin now lives in Normandy

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Latest reviews

  • “Evokes something of the heartwarming whimsy of the 2001 movie, Amélie . . . Forgotten on Sunday is a pain au chocolat of a book—flaky but buttery, with a sweet center. . . [a] sentimental soul-soother.”

    — NPRBooks, Jun 8 2024
  • “A deeply emotional, intergenerational saga about family secrets and the enduring power of love.... An engrossing work about love and loss; ideal for fans of Jojo Moyes and Kate Morton.”

    — Booklist, May 9 2024
  • ★ “The many admirers of Perrin’s previous novel, Fresh Water for Flowers, will be equally charmed by this beguiling tale. All other readers might be doubly rewarded.”
    — Library Journal, May 1 2024
  • ★ “Perrin’s signature gift of transmuting quotidian circumstances into transcendent truths is everywhere apparent.”
    — ForeWord Reviews, May 1 2024
  • ★ “Perrin’s prose is engrossing, transforming ordinary situations into delectable treats... Startling and affecting, Three is a novel about the refuge found in true friends, and about the mercy of self-acceptance.”
    — ForeWord Reviews (Starred Review), May 1 2022
  • “While the mystery of the car is thrilling and heartbreaking, the real power of this work is in the way Perrin captures the experience of growing up... Tender and often raw, this moody novel is a complex tale of friendship wrapped around a mystery.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Mar 30 2022
  • “Friendship is complicated in Perrin’s enticing exploration of a trio who meet on the first day of fifth grade and remain inseparable... The numerous twists and eye-opening revelations will keep readers riveted. This offers a bounty of rewards.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Mar 29 2022
  • Three transplants you wholly onto its pages, leaving you between two drags of air and twice as many enigmas.”

    — Delphic Reviews, Mar 19 2022
  • “Palomar will be making an internationally-driven TV series based on the book.”
    — Variety, Jun 29 2021
  • “If you are looking for a story that you will not quickly forget, try this one.”
    — Bibliophile By The Sea, Oct 19 2020
  • “It’s a glorious read. Touching, thought provoking, taut: a tribute our power to heal. Another must read.” Read the full review on
    —, Sep 12 2020
  • “French novelist Valerie Perrin has created a story representative of many girls and women trapped by social and financial circumstances, victims who they think they have no way out yet who are resilient and accomplished without realizing it.”
    — The Winnipeg Free Press, Aug 29 2020
  • “The story fluctuates between extremes with stylish elegance. It is melancholic and yet ebullient...What may on the surface of it appear gloomy and morose, in Perrin’s hands is an appealing indulgence in nature, food and drink, and, above all, friendships.”
    — The Guardian, Jul 20 2020
  • “Fans of Elizabeth Berg will enjoy this thoughtful take on the inner life of an unforgettable woman.”
    — Booklist, Jun 1 2020
  • “Perrin’s English-language debut is a tender and poignant exploration of love, loss, and redemption.”
    — Publishers Weekly, May 13 2020
  • “Colorful and highly enjoyable.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Apr 1 2020
  • ★“Savor every page of Valérie Perrin’s irresistible novel, which, despite its deaths, betrayals, and affairs, is a triumphant celebration of life and love.”
    — ForeWord Reviews, Mar 2 2020
  • “It’s such a great story about love, loss, grief.”
    — Literary Hoarders, Jan 20 2020


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