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Savyon Liebrecht

Savyon Liebrecht

Savyon Liebrecht was born in Munich in 1948, to Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Israel soon afterwards. She studied philosophy and literature at Tel Aviv University and began her writing career in 1986. She has received several awards for her work, including the Alterman Prize and the Amelia Rosselli Prize, and has been named Israel’s Playwright of the Year twice. Her books have been translated into nine languages. She lives in Tel Aviv.

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Latest reviews

  • “A unique story that portrays a Persian Jewish family that arrived in Israel in 1950, caught between the traditions of the old country and the secular possibilities of the new one.”
    — Asian Review of Books, Dec 5 2023
  • “In Savyon Leibrecht’s novel The Bridesman, an Iranian Israeli family is changed by the arrival of a new bride...A novel about finding one’s own place in the world.”
    — Foreword Reviews, Nov 1 2023
  • “Savyon Liebrecht’s The Bridesman is a masterfully crafted short novel...”

    — Association of Jewish Libraries, Oct 1 2023
  • “With subtlety and grace, Liebrecht depicts how her characters fashion the narratives of their lives out of experiences they don’t understand. This wisp of a story somehow leaves readers with plenty to chew on.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Sep 29 2023
  • “[The Bridesman] haunted me.”
    — Book Riot, Aug 7 2023


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