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Irene Graziosi

Irene Graziosi

Irene Graziosi was born in Rome in 1991. She started writing while studying at university. She writes for several magazines and newspapers, has co-founded a YouTube cultural channel for young people (with almost 1M subscribers), and a new cultural magazine. The Other Profile is her first novel.

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Latest reviews

  • “Ms. Graziosi is a shrewd and funny chronicler of social-media and influencer culture.”
    — Wall Street Journal, Mar 9 2024
  • “I appreciated the bird’s eye view into the younger set’s trials and tribulations which at their core, are actually ageless and universal.”
    — SRQ Magazine, Feb 23 2024
  • “A mandate issued by Gloria’s manager about her client still haunts me: 'You have to give her a personality.'”
    — New York Times Book Review, Feb 20 2024
  • “A racy Gen. Z take on female friendships bearing the influences of My Brilliant Friend.”
    — Electric Literature, Feb 20 2024
  • “Characters are easily identifiable through subtle changes of inflection.”

    — AudioFile Magazine, Feb 1 2024
  • “Social media's hall of mirrors, and its gained and lost followers, amplify the surreality of Maia's gritty, youthful struggle, which will resonate with readers.”

    — Booklist, Feb 1 2024
  • “An edgy, dark commentary, but what makes it so engrossing easy it is to give and take personalities when those personalities are for public consumption.”
    — Ravalli Republic, Jan 25 2024
  • “Recovering our humanity, preserving it, keeping it away from the marketplace, can move us to desperate behavior ... But we’re in there, somewhere, probably.”

    — On the Seawall, Jan 9 2024
  • “Journalist and YouTuber Graziosi’s witty and unsettling debut shines an uncompromising light on European influencers...Graziosi’s trip down the social media rabbit hole is as glossy and entertaining as it is perceptive.”
    — Publishers Weekly, Nov 8 2023
  • “A cross between Ingmar Bergman’s Persona and Ottessa Moshfegh’s My Year of Rest and Relaxation, this book shows what happens when an influencer is influenced—by someone with nothing left to lose.”
    — Kirkus Reviews, Nov 8 2023
  • “A thought-provoking commentary on influencer culture and the prevalent facade within the realms of social media.”

    — BUZZ Magazine, Aug 9 2023
  • “A solid and succinct novel that’s focus on social media proves darkly illuminating.”

    — Set the Tape, Aug 3 2023


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