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Fernanda Eberstadt on tour for Bite Your Friends

Join author Fernanda Eberstadt on the U.S. tour for Bite Your Friends: Stories of the Body Militant, her “ravishing and provocative” book (Olivia Laing) exploring the lives of men and women who have used their bodies to challenge society’s mores and entrenched power structures.


Cambridge, MA

Porter Square Books ∙ Monday, March 4 ∙ 7 p.m.
with Claire Messud

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Brooklyn, NY

Community Bookstore・Wednesday, March 6・7 p.m.
with Cynthia Zarin

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New York, NY

Book Club Bar・Thursday, March 7・8 p.m.
with Andrew Solomon

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 Praise for Bite Your Friends

“The diverse stories of Eberstadt’s subjects illuminate the complex ways in which bodies can constitute contested political terrain. Incisive and philosophical, this intrigues.”—Publishers Weekly

“Ravishing and provocative, Bite Your Friends is in an invitation into bodily power as well as a history of resistance, deviance and refusal of all kinds.”—Olivia Laing, author of The Lonely City

“A stunning and powerful book...Fernanda Eberstadt describes the hardscrabble lives and death of militant souls, homosexuals, saints, philosophers, and despised others who refused to bow to what those around them called normalcy and truth. Their legacy and this work is the bite that cures.”—André Aciman, author of Call Me By Your Name

“Fernanda Eberstadt is blessed with more gifts than any one writer should be...Her prose is exuberantly, obscenely rich.”—Lauren Elkin, author of Art Monsters

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