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Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Author Robert Wilson is a master of the British detective novel.”

Date: May 17 2015

Author Robert Wilson is a master of the British detective novel. In his latest thriller, “You Will Never Find Me,” Charles Boxer is an ex-spy working as a private consultant to rescue victims of kidnapping. His former wife, Mercy Danquah, has the same kind of job for London’s metropolitan police — a mix of detective work, diplomacy and deception.

The story begins with the strange and calculated disappearance of their rebellious 17-year-old daughter, Amy. It forces Boxer to pursue her to the nightclubs of Madrid. The plot is so well-crafted, with surprising twists from the very beginning, that it would be a crime to give more detail.

The book is powerful because of well-drawn characters, including a Colombian drug lord and Russian gangster-spies. Ultimately, it is the tale of a fractured family facing the worst of all dangers.

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