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Visionary Violence: Return to the Dark Valley by Santiago Gamboa

Author: Chris Feliciano Arnold
Newspaper, blog or website: Miami Rail
Date: Nov 28 2017

“A page turner that is fiercely contemporary and wickedly funny in its analysis of the forces tearing at the seams of the world.[...] Fans of Roberto Bolano will feel right at home in this globetrotting tale of misfit poets and ultraviolent drug lords. Like Bolano, Gamboa is sensitive to the movement of people across borders and how those waves of migration ripple across individual lives and entire continents. The intoxicating translation by Howard Curtis is by turn panoramic and intensely focused on moments of extreme violence. Yet the acts of violence in this book—think Dexter meets Pulp Fiction—transcend sensationalism to raise profound questions about betrayal, revenge and whether it’s possible to forgive or forget.”

Read the full review at The Miami Rail.

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